Hefei Hyde warmly congratulated the successful conclusion of the annual session 2015

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Ma Ben future to go, to bring good luck to the sheep. Bid farewell to 2014 and usher in the new 2015; look back on 13 years of struggle Road, Prospect Hyde new future, a new NC Hyde Annual Conference on February 13, 2015 was held at the Regent Hotel Moon. Hyde CNC chairman Xu Haiping, General Manager Chen Gang, deputy general manager Cheng Jian, Liu Jinrong, Jiang Xiaojie and other travel event.

Before the year begins, first by Mr. Chen Gang, general manager of the New Year message from the stage cause. Hyde recalled the 2014-year history, and certainly the year of 2014 has made brilliant achievements, Hyde step by step, year to a new height, Hyde's development is inseparable from the hard work of front-line staff; Hyde today is inseparable from frontline staff joint efforts, there must be a pain no gain. President Chen also simultaneously working on the 2015 annual outlook, through continuous efforts will be built into a large-scale private enterprises Hyde, strengthen enterprise management, the propulsion system of the company but also strengthen the construction of soft and hard power, Hyde enhance the brand image.

Then came the years of the program will continue to a climax, a wonderful dance, recitation unique, people laugh comedy, beautiful songs and a series of colorful programs, so that the next field audience feast for the eyes, constantly applauded.