Hefei Hyde two self-developed products in Anhui Province Science and Technology Department identified as high-tech products in Anhui Province

发布日期:2016-07-01 浏览次数:94

 Recently, the company developed the "SHP34 series of new multi-functional poster Hot forging fast forging hydraulic press", "SHP72 series superplastic forming special equipment," the two products by the Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Department experts, was identified as high-tech in 2013 in Anhui Province technology products.

  SHP34 series of new multi-function four-poster forging fast forging hydraulic machine is mainly used for metal forging materials various processes, such as: steel billet upsetting, punching, cutting, bending, stretching and so on. The main features of compact structure, easy operation, low cost, wide application, is China hydraulic machine manufacturing the most common forms of structure, widely used in press-fit parts, powder metallurgy, pressure medicine, precision alignment and other manufacturing fields, is the majority of small and medium sized hydraulic machine manufacturing enterprises main products.

  SHP72 series superplastic forming special equipment for a variety of large aluminum structure dedicated superplastic forming process, hydraulic machine is equipped with a host inside the furnace, the furnace is equipped with a heat-insulating outer door, isolating the heat transfer to the outside of the device, equipped with a temperature control system to achieve precise control of temperature, pressure and speed control system with air pressure forming, superplastic forming process to achieve precise control.